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The “royal plane” – The Junkers F-13 plane of the aviation historical collection

A presentation by Attila Szabó, aviation history museologist.

Place: Technical Study Stores, Budapest (Budapest, Prielle Kornélia utca 10. H-1117)
TIME: 11 October 2017 11:00

The airplane which is in the focus of the presentation is the first plane manufactured entirely of metal, used in public transport – one of the few remaining ones of this type. Otto Reuter, senior engineer designed the plane type based on the principles set out by Hugo Junkers, before WW I broke out. The type was used for transportation purposes only after the war, the first metal plane – the F13 – was put into air traffic this time.
Charles IV, the last Hungarian monarch attempted to reclaim his power from Horthy, the governor, twice in 1921. During the second attempt – to which the Budaörs battle is connected –, this notable plane appeared as well. The King (who lived in Switzerland during this period) together with his wife, his secretary, and officers planning the putsch flew to Hungary on board of this plane, accompanied by a German Junkers pilot, named Zimmermann. 

The presentation is delivered in Hungarian language.

Registration is compulsory – please register on the previous day at latest at csaba.domonkos@mmkm.hu